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Saints Easy Pay Terms & Conditions

1. By signing up with Saints Easy Pay, you authorise St Kilda to arrange a transfer of funds from your nominated VISA or MasterCard in amounts and at intervals as advised.

2. It is your responsibility to ensure that your nominated VISA or MasterCard always remains current and valid to ensure payments can be deducted appropriately. This includes ensuring that: (a) the account details provided are correct, including notification should the expiry date change within the 10 month instalment program; and (b) sufficient clear funds are available in the nominated account on the scheduled drawing dates.

3. If you do choose to pay your membership on Saints Easy Pay with an Amex or Diners Club, a 3% surcharge will apply and full payment of this surcharge will be taken upon deduction of your first instalment.

4. All members paying their membership via Saints Easy Pay, will have the opportunity to purchase our exclusive Member Merchandise at 20% off!

5. Once you join Saints Easy Pay, you are committed for the 2017 season and can only opt out for the 2018 season by contacting our Membership Support Team on 1300 467 246 in the period between the conclusion of the 2017 AFL Grand Final and 15 October 2018.

6. Members will be given at least 14 days’ notice in writing of any changes to the cost and content of their 2017 membership and to the terms and conditions of Saints Easy Pay, before those changes take effect.

7. Should the 15th of any month fall on a weekend or public holiday, then the instalment due will be deducted on the next business day. Please refer to the Saints Easy Pay, schedule for deductions dates.

8. The first instalment will be deducted on Monday 17 October, 2016 with further payments on the 15th of each following month. If any payment fails to transfer between institutions on the 15th of each month, further attempts will be made to attempt to clear the fund transfer.

9. Communication of declined payments (including where the relevant credit card has expired) and other updates will be sent to you via letter, SMS or email, depending on the communication selected by St Kilda. Accordingly, you must ensure your details remain current in order to receive this communication. In addition it is mandatory for all Saints Easy Pay members to have either a valid email or mobile listed as their contact information.

10. Any fees levied to you by your financial institution for dishonoured payments will be payable by you.

11. If there is an outstanding balance on your account(s) from the previous season, this will need to be paid in full before you are eligible for Saints Easy Pay in 2017.

12. St Kilda may suspend or cancel your membership if, on two consecutive occasions, your drawing is dishonoured by your financial institution. If your membership is suspended or cancelled, you will not be able to gain access to any St Kilda games, including finals. Please note that at least 24 hours will be needed to reinstate your membership once payment is received.

13. To update your credit card for Saints Easy Pay via your My Saints Account, a payment must be made. Members can update the card details and the last card used for a Saints Easy Pay payment online, to ensure this is valid for future instalments. If you do not wish this to occur please contact Membership Support Team on 1300 467 246.

14. If you believe there has been any discrepancies with your Saints Easy Pay deductions, please contact the Membership Support Team on 1300 467 246, and we will be able to further investigate your account. You may be requested to provide further evidence to ensure we can determine and resolve the issue.

15. Your personal information is required by St Kilda to set up the Saints Easy Pay arrangement and for your use of it. Please see the St Kilda Privacy Policy for information about how St Kilda uses, holds and discloses your personal information at