Every 2020 member will be given an upgrade or reward when they renew their membership for 2021 in recognition of their support of the club during the 2020 season. Some conditions will apply but will be confirmed in your 2021 renewal notification

Member upgrades and rewards are dependent on the membership category held in 2020. We will endeavour to ensure member upgrades and rewards are relevant and appropriate at the time of renewal. Members will receive more information about their upgrade in their 2021 renewal notifications later in the year.

Members will have to renew their membership for the 2021 season based on the category held in 2020. Further conditions will apply which will be confirmed in more detail in your 2021 renewal notification.

Yes, all members who donated $50 or more to be counted as a member for the season will also receive an upgrade when they renew for the 2021 season. Some conditions apply but these will be detailed further in due course.