The St Kilda Football Club (Club) recognise that the impact of COVID-19 has placed a financial burden on many in the community. We are grateful to those who are in a position to remain committed to the Club by pledging all or part of their membership fees for the season. The support of our members will allow us to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis without falling behind the competition. If you would like to pledge your 2020 membership, please click here for more information.

That said, despite the re-commencement of the Toyota AFL Premiership season, there will be changes to game access entitlements which will affect match access members in different ways. As a result of this, access members that would like to seek compensatory measures can find further information below based on the type of membership held with the club in 2020. Please note, non-access members are ineligible for compensatory measures.

Broadly, compensation options available to access members include:

  1. a complimentary upgrade of their membership product for next year; or
  2. a partial or full* credit for 2021; or
  3. a partial or full* refund; or
  4. a discounted supporter membership to preserve a member’s continuity of membership and/or reserved seats for the 2021 season.

*Please note: A $35 administration fee will be deducted if the full refund or full credit option is chosen. This fee covers the costs already incurred by the club and costs in processing the refund or credit. For clarity, selecting this option means that the member does not maintain their years of membership continuity.

Easy Pay Members

  • Members paying for their membership through monthly direct debits (Payment Plan Member) have the option to opt-out of remaining monthly payments and seek a refund of payments already made. Please contact the membership team at if you would like to exercise this option as well as discuss options (which includes a refund) for payments already made.
  • If a Payment Plan Member chooses not to complete the opt-out process, the St Kilda Football Club will rely on that non-response as the member’s consent to the St Kilda Football Club proceeding to collect monthly payments to continue their support of the Club.
  • In the event that a Payment Plan Member does not exercise this option before the scheduled monthly payment date, they will still have the ability to opt-out of making further payments and obtain a refund of any payments already made, by contacting the Club at
  • Monthly payments will continue to be processed on the 15th of each month (or first business day thereafter) should an opt-out request not be received by the Club from the Payment Plan Member.
  • Unless otherwise specified, Payment Plan Members who opt out of their scheduled monthly payments will be considered to have done so only for the remainder of the 2020 season, with those members remaining on Easy Pay for the 2021 season.

Members Seeking Compensation

  • Members who have paid for their memberships upfront can discuss options for payments already made by contacting the club at
  • If you would like to cancel your membership and seek a refund, a cancellation fee of $35 will apply to account for costs already incurred by the Club in providing your 2020 season membership and in actioning your refund. Please note that exercising this option will mean cancelling your membership with St Kilda, which would also result in the loss of consecutive years of membership, any associated loyalty discounts and benefits as well as the right to retain reserved seats for 2021, if applicable.
  • St Kilda will make every attempt to find a solution that meets your needs. Please email the club at if you would like to seek an alternative outcome with details of your request.
  • All 11 & 16 game members have received communications outlining their compensation options via email, all other access membership holders will receive email communications outlining their compensation options prior to the season recommencing on June 11.

Membership Add Ons

  • Member add-ons where the benefit has already been fulfilled are not eligible for cancellations and as such must be paid in full. Experiences such as Beyond the Boundary add-on and included benefits with this package can be carried forward into season 2021 or refund provided on request. Please email the club at to discuss your options.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please click here to contact the Club or call 1300 467 246. We will endeavour to reply to you as soon as we are able to with necessary reductions to resourcing required during this time.

In the event that a St Kilda member is concerned that the application of this Policy has or will cause financial or other hardship/prejudice to themselves as a member, please contact the club via email at