General FAQs

Memberships can be paid in full or in split payments (10 convenient equal monthly payments). This is called Saints Easy Pay. For further information about our Saints Easy Pay option please click here.

Memberships can be purchased via the following options:

Online - Renew memberships online via 'My Saints Account' and by using your email address and password.

Mail - Return membership forms to the club by posting to PO Box 1034, Moorabbin VIC 3189.

Telephone - Call 1300 467 246 to speak to one of our friendly staff in the Membership Support Team.

In Person – Please visit RSEA Park, Moorabbin. We are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

32-60 Linton Street
Moorabbin VIC 3189

Once a membership is purchased, you will receive an email confirmation which will outline details of your 2020 membership.

Members who have already renewed are on Easy Pay rollover will begin receiving their card and pack together by Mid-November.

For everyone else membership cards and packs will be mailed together starting from mid-November. We would like to allow 10-15 working days for delivery after being dispatched.

Yes, membership cards and packs will arrive together – To improve efficiency, where possible, members with the same surname at the same address will receive their membership packs in one envelope.

Members are entitled to a complimentary choice item with their membership purchase for the 2020 season. There are four items to choose from - a member scarf (default), a member cap, beanie or donate the item to the community. You must indicate which item is your preferred choice, if you do not provide the club with your preferred item a member scarf will be mailed to you as the default choice item. Once received, choice items are not able to be exchanged.

Please note: non-access members (excluding Saints Supporter and Digital Members) are not included in the member choice program as the items are not suitable.

Your membership number, sometimes referred to as an account ID, is a unique number located on the back of your membership card.

Your membership barcode is a 12-digit number located on the back of your membership card.

Your barcode is required when upgrading to a reserved seat through Ticketmaster or Ticketek. Barcode numbers change each season when a new card is issued.

Once you receive your membership pack, bring your membership card along with you on game day and scan in at the gates for entry!

If you have lost or had your membership card stolen please contact our friendly membership team to organise a replacement card, call the membership team 1300 467 246 or email

Please call our membership team on 1300 467 246 or email to discuss upgrade options available.

We provide several convenient ways to update your details, these include:

  • Online: Log into your ‘My Saints Account’
  • Email: Send your updated details to
  • Phone: Contact the Membership Support Team on 1300 467 246

If you hold a Government issued Companion Card, you are entitled to one complimentary membership for your Carer. Once you purchase your membership, send proof of your Companion Card via email to or letter to PO BOX 1034, Moorabbin, Victoria, 3189. Once approved, we will issue a complimentary membership that is the same as the one purchased.

Any child below the age of 15 as at January 1 2020 is eligible for junior pricing.

To be eligible for a concession membership you must be the holder of a valid Pension or Student Card. You will need to have this card with you when attending all Saints games as venue security and club staff have the right to ask for proof of concession upon entry to the game. Should you not be able to present proof of concession your membership card will be confiscated.

Concession information must also be provided to the Membership Support Team upon renewal or purchase of a new membership.

Memberships will not be discounted when the season starts.

Yes many of our packages offer a different make for families, click here to see all of our different packages or call the Membership Support Team on 1300 467 246 to discuss pricing for family membership makeups.

Please contact the Membership Services on 1300 467 246 or enquire.