The response to the COVID-19 pandemic is ever-evolving. We are adhering to advice from the State Government, Chief Medical Officers and the AFL. While we all love football and are doing everything we can to continue, our number one priority has always been and will continue to be the health and safety of our players, coaches, staff and fans. There is no current timeline on when this issue will be resolved, however we will share relevant information on as it comes to hand.

Like anyone in the community, should someone at the Saints test positive for COVID-19, they would be placed into isolation. The implications regarding the rest of the group are still being worked through, but the health of all our people will remain the priority.

Protecting the health of players, staff and members is at the forefront of all decisions we are making in these unprecedented times and subsequently we have made the difficult choice to close RSEA Park to the public. All training sessions at RSEA Park are effectively closed sessions with fan or member attendance not permitted.

You can still contact our membership team at or call on 1300 467 246. We are receiving a higher-than-usual volume of calls, so we ask for your patience. The latest Saints merchandise is still available via

Moorabbin Social will also remain closed until further notice.

This issue will have a ripple effect right across our organisation. Obviously, the most pertinent is the health and safety of our people. As such, all non-essential football staff are now working from home, while the RSEA Park precinct has been closed to external visitors. Our players and coaches have been encouraged to limit unnecessary public interactions outside the club and are being constantly monitored by our medical staff.

The impact on the club will be significant and we are still working to understand the size of the challenge we face. Resilience has always been a hallmark of St Kilda and we will need it more than ever this year. The loyalty of our members will be absolutely vital in our ability to overcome several obstacles. The club has now surpassed 44,000 members, eclipsing the 2019 membership tally of 43,102.

Any additional changes to the structure of the competition made by the AFL will also have an impact on our business, however we are confident in our ability to remain agile and adapt in response to such an unprecedented scenario.

The easiest and best way is to pledge your membership or donate to the club. The support of our members will be crucial, now more than ever. We would also encourage you to keep engaged with the club through our website, app and social media channels. We will endeavour to continue creating inner-sanctum online content to connect you with the players and coaches despite the physical barrier.

We understand that not all members are in a position to pledge their membership and we’re here to help. Given the reduced access to games, some members may be entitled to refund or compensation options. The Club has begun communicating with these affected members so please keep an eye on your email inbox. Alternatively you can click here to complete a contact form and one of our membership team will call you to discuss your options