Danny Frawley Centre Grandstand Plaque

Danny Frawley Centre Grandstand Plaque
Per month $ $100.00

The Danny Frawley Centre – Grandstand is set to be completed in early 2022 and we’re giving you the chance to add your name to it. For $1,000 a name of your choice will be presented on a plaque on a seat within the grandstand. Quantity is strictly limited to 1,000 seats and once sold through there will be no further opportunity to purchase. Funds raised will go to supporting The Danny Frawley Centre for Health and Wellbeing.

Package Benefits

Your name etched in history

Danny Frawley Grandstand unveiling event

Exclusive Danny Frawley Centre memento

Read more about our Danny Frawley Grandstand here.

Please note:

  • This is not Reserved Seat purchase and does not provide ownership of the seat with members subject to standard ticketing arrangements at games
  • The Danny Frawley Grandstand Plaque is a once-off payment and will not be required to be renewed, and will not rollover
  • The stand is expected to be completed in early 2022, we will keep you updated via email with any updates
  • A seat number will be auto-generated at check out - this number is insignificant and will not have any impact on which seat your plaque will be placed on
  • You will receive an email within a week after purchase to select your plaque variation which may be one of the below:
    • First Name + Surname
    • Two First Names + Two Surnames
    • Two First Names + Family Surname
    • In Loving Memory
    • Family Surname

Payment Plan:

The ‘per month’ payment divides into 10 equal installments. The first payment will be deducted on receipt of your purchase, with debits to be taken on the 15th of each month thereafter. For full details of our Easy Pay schedule and terms and conditions Click here

Monthly Yearly
DFC Plaque $100.00 $1000

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