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Enrich your favourite match-day customs with an exclusive premium hospitality package

If our memorable milestone year was one of celebration, 2024 is shaping into one of realisation that we are on the verge of building something special as a club. Now, as we prepare to embark on another defining chapter in our history, we hope you are there by our side.
Join the march

As part of our esteemed Saints corporate community, experience the pinnacle of sporting luxury and forge meaningful connections within our vibrant community.

Here, you have the opportunity to indulge in premium hospitality experiences alongside fellow corporate partners and esteemed industry leaders, all of whom share an unwavering desire to see our pursuit of greatness through.

Experience Hospitality

Whether it be through access to unparalleled matchday hospitality, coveted coterie memberships, exclusive sponsorship opportunities, and entry to our invite-only club events, our dedicated corporate team stands ready to extend a warm welcome to you for the upcoming 2024 season.

Elevate your match-day to new heights

Season 2024 will again be one full of unforgettable momentsand special events that are simply unmissable.

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