Terms & Conditions

COVID-19 impact and unforeseen circumstances

At this time, the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic may have on the 2022 Toyota AFL Premiership Season is not known. The impacts of COVID-19 may result in Members having reduced or varied match access or reserved seat benefits compared to those that would apply in the absence of those impacts. Should this be the case, Members may contact the Club to address the nature of the impact on their membership and, depending on the severity of that impact, may be entitled to a suite of options, including a refund, equal to commensurate value of benefits we are unable to provide membership fee incurred.


Members’ Privacy - St Kilda recognises the importance of your privacy. All information collected will be handled in accordance with the National Privacy Legislation. For full details of our privacy policy and how St Kilda collects, uses and discloses your personal information, please click here. St Kilda may print your name for recognition through the season via various channels.

GST - All prices include GST.

Refund Policy - Refunds are not available on memberships or additional products once purchased. To the full extent permitted by law, St Kilda is not liable to you for any loss or damage you suffer as a result of any 2022 Toyota AFL Premiership Season or Finals Series games being cancelled, postponed or changed (including venue change).

Reserved Seat Holders - Reserved seat holders will be advised of a renewal period each year and a cut-off date for renewal of their existing seat. Any seats not renewed by the cut-off date will be made available for members wishing to purchase or change their seat location. Cut-off dates are strictly adhered to, to ensure that all members are serviced efficiently and receive their cards in a reasonable timeframe. Please note that whilst St Kilda does its best to fill all reserved seating bays, there may be times where if the bay is not at full capacity these seats may be released back to the relevant ticketing agency for sale to the general public.

2022 access membership fees are based on a standard season with 22 home and away games. Should the length of the season be impacted, St Kilda will be in touch with access members to advise changes to the access membership fee structure based on the changes to material benefits.

For AFL men’s matches, home games are defined as matches involving St Kilda played at Marvel Stadium during the regular home and away season. Should a home game be relocated to another location outside Marvel Stadium due to COVID impacts or at the club’s discretion, this is no longer classed as a “Home” game and access does not automatically apply to members with home or away entitlements. St Kilda will be in touch with members should home or away entitlements be available for members to access. If St Kilda, at their discretion, choose to voluntary relocate a home game, a replacement home game based in Melbourne will be nominated and members will receive access to this game in lieu of access to a relocated home game.

Should members not be able to sit in their existing reserved seat due to COVID-19 restrictions, an ability to secure a seat within the same category may be provided via a booking process. No compensation is payable for the inability to sit in a members’ preferred seat if they are able to secure a seat in the same category as their preferred reserved seat. If the alternate seat is in a lesser category as held by the member, this will be treated as a material change to benefits and members may choose to seek compensation for the loss of seat quality.

Memberships are non-transferable.

Depending on the membership type and membership category you purchase, a member will receive the following access entitlements to St Kilda games in season 2022:

General Admission - Access is subject to capacity. Access may be gained to unreserved seating on a first-come, first served basis subject to availability. General Admission areas are on level 3 at Marvel Stadium and Q Section (level 4) at the MCG. You are encouraged to reserve a seat in order to guarantee entry, particularly at high demand games. Members will be required to pay additional fees and charges when reserving a seat.

Reserved Seating - An allocated reserved seat for home games at Marvel Stadium. If your membership includes access to both home and away games, please note that access at away games will be into general admission areas only as advised. (Excluding Cheer Squad members as they receive seating at home and away games).

Subject to Capacity - General admission membership packages have stadium entry rights that are subject to stadium capacity. If a stadium capacity issue is identified for a specific game (i.e. ticketed events), the AFL or St Kilda may declare the game as a ‘Fully Ticketed’ or ‘Fully Reserved’ game. If a game is declared as such, members with general admission packages are able to upgrade their membership to a daily reserved seat through the nominated ticket agent to guarantee entry. Upgrading may incur a cost (depending on seat location) and ticketing agent fees.

AFL Finals Series

Members with Ultimate status receive guaranteed access to purchase a Grand Final ticket if St Kilda is a competing team. These membership categories are capped to ensure all Ultimate members have access to a ticket.

The sale of Grand Final tickets is managed by the Australian Football League in conjunction with the two competing clubs and the ticketing agent for the venue at which the Grand Final is located. The arrangements for Grand Final ticket sales are subject to change and are confirmed ahead of the announcement of Grand Final ticket prices in any year.

Grand Final Terms

In the event that St Kilda participates in the 2022 Toyota AFL Grand Final the following will apply: We will communicate information relating to Grand Final ticketing to members once arrangements are finalised should we be participating in Finals series. This information will be communicated via email (and mail to those without an email) and on our website. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that their contact information is correct and that they have familiarised themselves with this information.

Members with Ultimate and Premium access will be required to follow the appropriate procedures as communicated by the club in order to access a ticket. Members who do not follow the procedure as outlined by the club will forfeit their right to access a Grand Final ticket. Members will not be eligible for a refund if the procedure above is not followed or members’ contact details are no longer current in our systems.

Memberships are categorised into two levels:

1. Standard - Flexibility of general admission or reserved seating. Standard memberships are the base packages for entry and finals entitlements.

2. Ultimate - Priority 1 Grand Final entitlements (explanation above), with the same entry entitlements as a standard membership. Includes game day access to the Victory Room for those sitting on level 1 or the Parker Room for those sitting on level 2.

Membership Types

Junior - To be eligible for junior membership you must be at least 5 years of age but under 15 years of age at 1 January 2022. A date of birth must be provided when purchasing a junior membership.

Youth Concession - Youth concession membership is available to holders of a valid full time student card. You must be at least 15 years of age but under 20 years of age as at 1 January 2022. Proof of concession details, along with date of birth, must be provided at the time of purchase. Youth concession members must also carry their concession identification with them on game day.

Concession - Concession membership is available to holders of a Centrelink issued Pensioner Card (PCC)*, Department of Veterans’ Affairs card or Department of Veterans’ Affairs issued Pensioner Concession Card* and full-time student cards for students aged 20 years or over**. Relevant concession documentation must be provided at point of purchase and upon entry at game day. Concession card must be valid for the entire 2022 football season.

Country – Membership available to anyone over 15 years of age who resides 120kms or further from the Melbourne GPO. Country members receive access to purchase Finals tickets in Weeks 1-3 of the AFL Finals Series if St Kilda participates.

Interstate - Membership available to anyone over 15 years of age who resides outside of the state of Victoria. Interstate members receive access to purchase finals tickets in Weeks 1-3 of the AFL Finals Series if St Kilda participates. Ultimate level interstate members are entitled to participate in the Priority 1 (explanation above) Grand Final ticket allocation if St Kilda participates.

Little Saint - Membership available to children aged under 2 years at 1 January 2022. Little Saint memberships do not provide access to games, as children aged under 5 years are able to attend AFL games free of charge so long as they do not occupy a seat. For games with high attendance rates or in the instance they require a seat, Little Saint members are required to purchase a ticket. Little Saint members will only have this membership category for 1 year and then move up into the Toddler category.

Toddler Saint - Membership available to those aged between 1 and under 5 years of age at 1 January 2022. Toddler memberships do not provide access to games, as children aged under 5 years are able to attend AFL games free of charge so long as they do not occupy a seat. For games with high attendance rates or in the instance they require a seat, Toddler members are required to purchase a ticket.

Saints Pass Members (Formerly Saints Supporter) - Membership for supporters who are unable to attend games. Please note that Saints Pass Members are included in official membership numbers even though they do not have access to games or finals entitlements.

Family - General admission family memberships include two adults and up to four juniors (who are under 15 at 1 January 2022). All members of the family must have the same membership category.

Reserved seat family memberships are flexible with pricing offered for a number of differing family group compositions including:

  • 1 Adult and 2 Juniors
  • 2 Adults and 1 Junior
  • 2 Adults and 2 Juniors
  • 2 Adults and 3 Juniors

Who is NOT eligible for concession?

Dependants listed on a pension card are NOT eligible for concession membership unless they hold their own pension card. The person issued the pension card is the only person eligible for a concession membership.

Health Care card holders are NOT eligible.

Eligible concession cards that are required yearly that expire during the football season.


Concession members MUST produce their valid concession card along with their concession membership to gain entry to all stadiums. If the member is no longer eligible for a concession during the football season, the member will be required to upgrade to a full adult membership.

Members who have purchased an adult membership and later obtain a valid concession card may downgrade their membership to a concession prior to the commencement of the home and away season. Downgrades are not accepted after the commencement of the home and away season. The member must provide the valid concession card and the adult membership card to the Membership Support Team before a refund of the difference will be issued.

Concession memberships purchased without proof of concession will be accepted however membership cards will NOT be activated until concession identification has been sighted by the Membership Support Team

Concession Type

ID required ONCE only

ID required game day

Aged Pension

Disability Support

Disability Carers

Single Supporting Parents

TPI Pensions

War Veteran

War Widows

Full Time Tertiary

Full Time Secondary School

^Tertiary Student identification MUST state that the student is full time. If not, the student must provide supporting documentation from the enrolled school proving full time status.

* Primary Cardholders only (not their dependants listed on the card) are entitled to the concession price.

** Excluding International Student Cards

Whilst barracking and supporting your club is a vital part of the game, offensive language and gestures are not in the spirit of the game. Likewise, aggressive behaviour, including yelling and swearing when dealing with St Kilda staff, representatives or event staff will not be tolerated.

Furthermore, St Kilda members who consume alcohol on a game day are to do so responsibly so that their behaviour does not adversely impact the event for other patrons within the reserve. Drunkenness at any level will not be tolerated.

Bullying and vilification towards players or other supporters is also unacceptable. By being a St Kilda member, you are agreeing to be tolerant of diversity and to be inclusive of other members and supporters.

St Kilda members who breach this code of conduct may face membership penalties including cancellation without refund. If a St Kilda member is to encounter a problem on the day/night of a game, we ask that they contact an attendant or security guard to assist in dealing with the problem.

1. By signing up with Saints Easy Pay, you authorise St Kilda to arrange a transfer of funds from your nominated VISA, MasterCard or Amex debit or credit card in amounts and at intervals as advised.

2. It is your responsibility to ensure that your nominated VISA or MasterCard always remains current and valid to ensure payments can be deducted appropriately. This includes ensuring that: (a) the account details provided are correct, including notification should the expiry date change within the 10-month instalment program; and (b) sufficient clear funds are available in the nominated account on the scheduled drawing dates.

3. If you do choose to pay your membership on Saints Easy Pay with an Amex or Diners Club, a 2.8% surcharge will apply, and full payment of this surcharge will be taken upon deduction of your first instalment.

4. Memberships purchased online through the club website will be opted into Easy Pay and subject to the Easy Pay terms and conditions.

5. Once you join Saints Easy Pay, you are committed for the 2022 season and can only opt out for the 2022 season by contacting our Membership Support Team on 1300 467 246 in the period between the conclusion of the 2022 AFL Grand Final and 15 October 2021.

6. Members will be given at least 14 days’ notice in writing of any changes to the cost and content of their 2022 membership and to the terms and conditions of Saints Easy Pay, before those changes take effect.

7. Should the 15th of any month fall on a weekend or public holiday, then the instalment due will be deducted on the next business day. Please refer to the Saints Easy Pay, schedule for deduction dates.

8. The first instalment will be deducted on Friday 15 October 2021 with further payments on the 15th of each following month. If you have signed up after this date the payment will be taken upon receipt of signing up. If any payment fails to transfer between institutions on the 15th of each month, further attempts will be made to attempt to clear all outstanding funds up to three days after the 15th of the month in which the payment in due, including all outstanding amounts from previously declined payments for the 2022 season.

9. Communication of declined payments (including where the relevant credit card has expired) and other updates will be sent to you via letter, SMS or email, depending on the communication selected by St Kilda. Accordingly, you must ensure your details remain current in order to receive this communication. In addition, it is mandatory for all Saints Easy Pay members to have either a valid email or mobile listed as their contact information.

10. Any fees levied to you by your financial institution for dishonoured payments will be payable by you.

11. If there is an outstanding balance on your account(s) from the previous season, this will need to be paid in full before you are eligible for Saints Easy Pay in 2022.

12. St Kilda may suspend or cancel your membership if, on two consecutive occasions, your drawing is dishonoured by your financial institution. If your membership is suspended or cancelled, you will not be able to gain access to any St Kilda games, including finals. Please note that at least 24 hours will be needed to reinstate your membership once payment is received.

13. To update your credit card for Saints Easy Pay via your My Saints Account, a payment must be made. Members can update the card details and the last card used for a Saints Easy Pay payment online, to ensure this is valid for future instalments. If you do not wish this to occur, please contact Membership Support Team on 1300 467 246.

14. If you believe there has been any discrepancies with your Saints Easy Pay deductions, please contact the Membership Support Team on 1300 467 246, and we will be able to further investigate your account. You may be requested to provide further evidence to ensure we can determine and resolve the issue.

15. Your personal information is required by St Kilda to set up the Saints Easy Pay arrangement and for your use of it. Please see the St Kilda Privacy Policy for information about how St Kilda uses, holds and discloses your personal information at: www.saints.com.au/privacy

The Auskick Junior Membership is a bonus 4 game General Admission access membership provided to each 2022 Community/Club NAB AFL Auskick participant who opts into receiving an AFL Club membership at the time of registration, by nominating his/her AFL Club of support – St Kilda.

If a recipient of the Auskick Junior Membership elects to change the Club originally selected the original Club membership will be cancelled. A new Club membership will only be provided at the discretion of the AFL.

An Auskick Junior Membership card will be included in the Auskick Benefits pack and mailed to the participant by the AFL after payment has been received.

Auskick Junior Membership is not transferable, cannot be resold and is non-refundable.

Auskick Junior Membership is subject to all other terms and conditions of the Club’s membership.

The Club and/or AFL reserves the right to cancel any Auskick Junior Membership without a refund where a member is deemed by the Club and/or AFL to have breached these terms and conditions.