Saints Locker Member Voucher FAQs

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Q. Why is the membership pack inclusion changing from a merchandise item to a $20 voucher?

A. Our research and member surveys indicate that members want more choice with regards to their member pack inclusions, many of whom have accumulated a number of caps and scarves over their years as a member. Apart from this, as a club, we are conscious about our environmental footprint and potential wastage in supplying an item that may not be of value to a member. The $20 voucher puts the choice and the entire Saints Locker store in your hands and allows you the freedom to pick the item you most want.

Q. Are member caps, scarves and beanies still available?

A. Yes, members can still put their voucher towards traditional membership merchandise such as Member caps, scarves, beanies, polos and hoodies.

Q. Will my voucher cover the cost of a member item such as a cap, scarf or beanie?

A. Yes. Member caps, scarves and beanies are priced at $20 which is equal to the value of the voucher.

Q. Is there a cost to have my item shipped to me?

A. There will be a standard shipping fee of $10 to have your item shipped with tracking. However, we are also providing a range of options to members to help save or avoid shipping costs altogether. For example:

  • We’ve reduced the free shipping threshold when redeeming your member voucher from $150 to $50
  • Members can stack vouchers and combine orders to either save when two members are redeeming at the same time or free shipping when 3+ members are redeeming at the same time
  • Members can collect their items from RSEA Park during business hours or at member events at RSEA Park
  • We will also have free shipping days from time to time

Q. Why do I have to pay for shipping when it was previously included within the membership price?

A. While one of the trade-offs of increased flexibility is increased cost, we believe the benefit of flexibility and choice provided to members outweigh the costs. The overwhelming feedback through surveys and qualitative feedback indicate that members value choice and the options on offer provide as much choice as possible, both in terms of member items as well as the delivery/collection/shipping methods.

Q. Why can’t my chosen item and core pack be posted together to save costs?

A. We use two separate providers for member core pack items (member card, lanyard, bumper sticker, etc.) and for fulfilment of your membership item so regrettably, this is not possible.

Q. Can I use my voucher on match day?

A. Unfortunately, the stadium infrastructure doesn’t have the ability to manage stock control and voucher redemption. Additionally, the volume of members attempting to simultaneously redeem on matchday would result in a poor customer experience due to queue lengths.

Q. What if I don’t have a computer and can’t make it to RSEA Park?

A. If you don’t have a computer and are located in country Victoria or interstate, please contact the club on 1300 467 246 and a member of our staff will be on hand to assist you further.

Q. I live overseas. What does that mean for me?

A. All international members will receive a $40 voucher instead of a $20 voucher to help subsidise the cost of shipping. Note, that the $50 free shipping threshold doesn’t apply on top of the $40 membership voucher provided.

Q. What if the item I want isn’t available anymore?

A. Items are subject to availability. Due to lengthy re-order timelines and minimum order quantities, exhausted items are unable to be replenished.

Q. Can I purchase an additional item?

A. Pending availability, yes, members can purchase an additional item where this wasn’t previously possible

Q. What happens to unused merchandise credit?

A. The voucher can be used multiple times until the voucher value is exhausted. Unused credit your membership voucher will remain valid until 31.10.2023 upon which time it will expire and cannot be extended.

Q. Can I use the free shipping code multiple times?

A. No, the free shipping code can only be used once when the basket size exceeds $50 on a single transaction.

Q. Can I stack/combine vouchers with friends/family?

A. Yes, we encourage members to collectively redeem their vouchers in one transaction to save on shipping fees.

Q. Can I donate my voucher back to the club?

A. Yes, you can. Please email the club or let one of our team know and we will action this at our end.

Q. Can I gift my merchandise voucher to someone else?

A. Yes, feel free to gift your voucher to a friend or family member to a friend to use at the Saints Locker store or e-store.