Angels Add On

The mission of the Angels is to provide a platform for passionate Saints supporters to socialise, network and ultimately contribute to the success of the club.

The Angels Supporter Group work hard to raise funds through their social network, in order to purchase memberships and game day experiences for disadvantaged individuals and families in the wider community. The Angels also support the club through player sponsorships, helping to promote social events and raise funds that go back to the club.

Over the last few years, the Angels have purchased, on average, 400+ memberships which have been donated to a variety of recipients, allocated evenly across schools, charities and the Saints Community Team. Charities include:

Challenge Australia
Bayley House
Marriott Support Services

Purchase a $25 add-on to your membership now, and help support the Angels to continue their amazing work!

Your generosity also includes*:

Monthly newsletter
Invitation to social functions
PLUS New Angel members will receive a stickman pin & Bumper sticker

*Inclusions are distributed on behalf of the Club by the Angels President. In order to receive these inclusions, your details will be shared with the Angels President. Should you wish for this to not occur, you can opt out of receiving these additional inclusions by emailing:

Monthly Yearly
Angels Add On $2.50 $25